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Web & Telephone Counselling

Benefits of Web Counselling.

Web Counselling is easily accessible to all those who wish to use it.
Online Therapy overcomes barriers that may preclude others from seeking therapy with the benefit from the accessibility on online counselling.
For example:

  • Individuals residing in rural or remote areas where there is no counselling service.
  • Those that are physically disabled or unable to leave their home.
  • Those that have visual and hearing impairements.

    For those individuals who are ambivalent about therapy or who may be uncomfortable with traditional models of therapy, may find online counselling mopre suitable, whereby it has been found that online therapy is preferred by those who are uncomfortable with talking face-to-face with someone about their problems or who are suffering from social phobias, agoraphobia or anxiety disorders.

  • Benefits of Web/Telephone Counselling.

  • Save time and money commuting to and from appointments.
  • It allows you to receive counselling from the comfort of your own home, office or any other place, by using your phone, laptop or PC.
  • It provides you with an added level of anonymity.
  • You can have therapy sessions while beiing away from the city.

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