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Pet Bereavement Counseling

There has been increased recognition of the importance that pets have in the lives of individuals and families ( Lagoni, Butler, & Hetss, 1994). Pets provide people with companionship and the chance to love something outside of themselves. It is little wonder when a pet dies people often experience a deep sense of loss and grief.

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Social Anxiety.

Social Anxiety is a condition in which you experience high levels of anxiety about being criticised or judged by others in a negative way. This can lead to high levels of fear about your ability to cope in social situations.
There is no magic solution or quick fix method that can cure you of social anxiety.
But, in graded steps, CBT techniques (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), together with encouragement can help you devise and implement strategies to grow again in confidence and give you the ability to deal with social situations again.

Panic Attacks.

The best way to describe a panic attack is:
An intense short period of anxiety without any obvious explanation such as an external threat or medical reason.
The main symptoms that can be experienced with a panic attack can include: breathlessness, faintness, nausea, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, feeling tired.

The main trigger in panic attacks is often the fear that you are going to have a panic attack.
And many sufferers think that they are about to die or having a heart attack.
But however uncomfortable they are, they are not life threatening.
CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) offers ways of identifying the thinking patterns that are reinforcing this belief and causing you to panic.

I will assist you in retaining yourself to cope with the irrational fear of panicking, so that you can begin to take control of the situation again and enable you to increase your ability to cope with your panic attacks if they happen.
And more importantly: lessen your fear of them.

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