About - Counselling & Therapy based in Leighton Buzzard & Milton Keynes
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About therapy

About Therapy & Counselling

Counsellor and Therapist in Leighton Buzzard and Milton Keynes.

Omikrons is a psychotherapy and counselling practice, therapy is offered in a quiet serene period cottage, located in the quiet village of Soulbury, offering a soothing scenery, however Omikrons also have two other clinical locations, one in the commuter town Leighton Buzzard and another in the city of Milton Keynes.

A little about me and what I can do for you:

My name is Janet and I am a therapist based in Soulbury (near Bletchley, Aylesbury) as well as  Leighton Buzzard and Milton Keynes, hoping to suite you.
As a registered practitioner with the UKCP, I can provide Integrative Counselling and Existential Psychotherapy, Time-limited Existential Therapy, short-term Integrative Therapy and Solution.
An introductory consultation will best decide which course of therapy is best for your needs and best decide how many sessions are needed.
As a qualified practitioner I also offer Cognitive Behavioural Therapy “CBT” and “CBT Coaching” – Life Coaching.

Counselling? Psychotherapy? Whats the difference?

There is large overlap between counselling and psychotherapy in regards to theory and practice, however there are also some very big differences.

These differences include:

Psychotherapist training and preparation is longer than counselling training and the requirements of the trainee are normally more in depth.

Both counselling and psychotherapy are suitable for similar matters, however  training of a psychotherapist prepares them to work with a greater complexity of issues.

It’s always important to remember that psychotherapy is however by default not more useful or important than counselling, or vice versa, but that both disciplines are closely aligned with a lot of similarities. It’s also important to remember that experienced counsellors often find that they are working psychotherapeutically, and there is an ongoing professional debate whether these two disciplines are actually different. The experience of the practitioner and their way of working with their client that appears to be the most important factor in a therapeutic process.

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