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Redundancy and Retirement

Redundancy and retirement


Since most people spend so much of their life at work, redundancy and retirement can sometimes be a huge loss – even for some of those who for years have been looking forward to retirement. Redundancy of course often happens when we least want it, bringing up not only financial worries, but shifts in family relationships, loss of identity, etc. So much of our confidence and self-esteem is tied up with our career and the fear or actuality of losing your job can create anxiety, panic and stress. Trying to manage the fear of redundancy in this financial crisis can be overwhelming. The financial situation has created shock and fear and you may be experiencing symptoms such as insomnia, panic attacks, anger and depression. You may feel alone with your worries and fears, believing that you shouldn’t show how you feel to your colleagues, family and friends. Counselling can help you to prepare for possible redundancy or to manage the feelings and physical symptoms that come about when you feel overwhelmed.