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Physical Illness

Physical illness


Physical illness can be emotionally draining – a common cold even does that; but ongoing psychical illness sometimes saps at self-esteem, at initiative, at a sense of emotional well-being, and it can be a strain on relationships too. You may have received medical attention, however you may not have been offered the opportunity to talk about what you experience of the illness or disability has meant to you.

Some of your physical health related problems might include:

Acute illness, possibly leading to

Chronic, progressive and life-threatening conditions

Congenital disorders

Counselling/ psychotherapy can make a valuable contribution in helping people to cope with inner conflicts and emotional difficulties. Serious illness and or disability are commonly accompanied by considerable anxiety, despair, thoughts of suicide, and other strong feelings for both clients and carers.

The counselling work includes:

Recognising the client’s emotional, social, physical and clinical needs

Thinking about issues relating to difference, change, and loss

Identifying strengths that can be built on

My aim is to support those who may struggle in coming to terms with their own, or a relative’s illness or disability; this in turn can help them to cope more effectively.