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Most of us assume that we will have children one day and that it will be a natural and straightforward process. It can therefore be devastating to discover we or our partner may have a fertility problem. Losing our fertility can be like losing our future as well. For example not only are we unable to become parents, we won’t become grandparents either. We will often feel excluded in a society that places much emphasis on families with children. We can feel left behind by our family and friends who start to have a family of their own, moreover we can often feel pressurized by our families who often ask “why we have not had any children yet?” In short we feel confused, angry and frustrated at the injustice of it all. We can feel shortchanged and envious each time we see a family member or friend holding their newborn in their arms. We can feel a mixture of out rage and intense feelings of sadness at the prospect of an empty childless future. It has been shown that those facing infertility problems have the potential to become anxious, depressed and stressed leading to a vicious cycle of negativity that lead to more stress and anxiety.

  • There are many treatment options and alternatives for couples but the processes are lengthy and can be exhausting, both emotionally and physically. It’s common for couples to feel frustrated, inadequate, isolated, angry and even guilty.

Counseling/psychotherapy can help to bring back perspective into the lives of those going through fertility treatments. Counseling offers emotional and psychological support that can help clients to manage their stress and anxiety, gain a feeling of control, improve their sleep patterns, improve self esteem and cope with the complex nature of assisted reproduction and its consequences. I can provide help and support for you and your partner during this stressful time.