Counselling for Milton Keynes and Bletchley | Counsellor near you
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Counselling Milton Keynes

Counselling starts with two important questions;

The first question; do I want to seek help and support from a counsellor? You’ve already made this decision which is why you’ve searched for ‘counselling’ and found my website.

The second question, is Janet the right counsellor for me? That decision can be somewhat harder to answer but my low cost initial consultation gives you the chance to see if counselling and I am right fit for your needs.

Some of us have a very good idea of why they feel the need to start or return to counselling, some are confused by their feelings and may feel out of control or maybe feel alone. For some, counselling is an chance to better understand the choices they often make and patterns they follow.

Understanding life can be challenging and sometimes frustrating and that you may feel overwhelmed by your feelings and can feel distant from the world others seem to be living in.

I understand you may be very clear about any changes that you want to make in your life or that you might have had an experience that having a challenge coping with.

Whatever the reasons, rest assured you I will treat you with respect, give you the space to be yourself and of course complete confidentiality.

Milton Keynes Counsellor


Together we can work to find your voice, your depth and sensitivity. The reason why?

As all these parts can hold an deep insight about what is important to you and may help you to understand the value of the unique person you are.

Helping you disentangle what you want from what you’re supposed to want by understanding life from your view. We can then work through any of  the pain of the past, when you are ready.

I always work with warmth and compassion, having the time for you, I hope this will begin to challenge that feeling that you’re not good enough.


We will explore life at your pace from there you can find a way to find your value the whole of you. It can mean you find your own voice amongst the world of noise.

If this makes sense to you… please do contact me.